Welcome to Cortona, our Land!

Rich with colours, with perfumes, with sensations. Rich with light, with tranquillity, with tradition.

To come to Cortona means to live well, to breathe clean air of these places, walking immersed in the ancient history of this town, to explore whilst gazing at the horizon of the most harmonious Tuscany, that which you had always searched for. Now you have found it, live it with us!

The ancient medieval hamlet of Cortona dominates from above the whole of the Val di Chiana, the breathtaking countryside, famous for the Chianina, the most beautiful of all cows. A fertile countryside, from the sweet profiles and mild mediterranean climate, ideal for wheat, for breeding and for the cultivation of olives and vines: bread, olive oil, meat and great wines! These are the traditional flavours of our famous food and wine, come to know them!

Marvel with us at the wonder of the landscape, which you can admire from our windows; come and enjoy the natural beauty that this countryside gives us every day, in any season of the year, with the magnificence of the ploughed fields, with the background of the hills on the horizon, the blue of Lake Trasimeno and the ancient stone of the houses of Cortona.

Come and walk in our history, visiting some of the most renowned shops, famous around the world for the charm of the objects created by the loving hands of craftsmen, the best of all time!

“It is impossible to see more beautiful fields: there is not a lump of earth that has not been worked to perfection, prepared for seeding. Wheat will grow and thrive, and seems to recover in these lands all of the conditions which are required to make it prosper. In the second year they seed beans for the horses, as oats do not grow here. Lupins are also seeded, which at this time are already green, and bear their fruit in the month of March. Flax is already sown; in the earth all Winter, and the cold and ice render them tougher.”

Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Italian Journey.